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Recommend Use of Speech Recognition, Not Derivativ

Recommend Use of Speech Recognition, Not Derivative Software For Online Articles

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It seems there's a good deal of anxiety out there for internet article marketers to keep up the number of incoming posts to complete within their various niches.  As a result of this fact many have opted to utilize tools to better assist them.  Some use templates, in fact, I'd say 40% of the article advertising people online do.  Some attempt to utilize PLR articles which they attempt to alter.  Others utilize an attempt to utilize derivative software, after purchasing posts from ghostwriters.

But the one tool, I will recommend to you, to help speed up your internet writing is speech recognition software.  Please try that until you resort to cheating with PLR crap or derivative software which "spins" article paragraphs and paragraphs.  Look, you can do quite a bit of work with voice software and you'll discover it can increase your speed by two-thirds.  Really, I have written eBooks from 72-hours from start to finish, including editing and formatting.

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You know it is really easy to write about things that you know about, and much easier to talk them on the computer.  I suppose if this was a topic that I was not entirely familiar with it would have taken me longer to write such posts whether I had been using speech recognition or doing it the old-fashioned way by pounding on these plastic keys, which I do often enough.

Many people look at my 19,350 online posts and state, he must be using ghostwriters, PLR, or derivative software, no, not one of that, though I use speech recognition about one-third of my posts.  Bear in mind I've had a good deal of practice writing; I will not use ghostwriters, PLR, computer derivative, I just think that's cheating.  I hope you will please consider this all, don't cheat, use voice software, because it's still you, only you get to secure your hands and fingers from a potential carpal tunnel.