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Voice Recognition, Voice Activated Software and Speech Recognition

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Experiencing the new modern paradigm shifts in technology will require humans to become one with the technologies they create and the ability to interface in real-time. Perhaps, the greatest step towards this goal is Voice Recognition Technology, where humans can talk and communicate in a way that is natural to them through their evolutionary process - vocal cords and speech. Thus, they are able to interface with the tools they have created.

Today, when you buy a new computer with the Microsoft Vista Operating System pre-loaded, it comes with Windows Speech Recognition, but even if you have an older computer, there are many good Voice Recognition products available such as Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking. Currently, this article is being written using the version 8.1, soon, I will upgrade to the next version 9.1, said to be even more accurate, within 99%. This is a huge improvement from my first try at speech recognition software, IBM VoiceType Dictation 3.0, I purchased back in 1995, twelve years ago.

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Over the past couple of years, I have indeed worn off the letters on three different laptop keyboards, perhaps I do not trim my fingernails as often as I should, or perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I write 4,000 to 14,800 words a day, pounding out articles on those plastic keys. Either way, for me Voice Recognition Software ranks up amongst the top greatest inventions of mankind. Technologies that increase productivity and efficiency are the most significant and at this point, I give thanks to Ray Kurzweil for his contributions to Voice Recognition.

Voice Recognition Software has enjoyed good R and D Expenditures and the number of applications that entrepreneurs are finding for this technology have also fueled that fire going forward. You only need to read through a few issues of Speech Technology Magazine to get an idea of how fast things are moving right now. There are rapid advances and uses of this software in nearly every major Industry:

Disaster Relief,

These industries use these Voice Recognition Tools for Corporate Customer Relations, Training, Design, Project Management, Public Relations, Advertising, Word Processing, Data Mining, Writing, Translation, Recording, Machine Interface, and that is to just name a few. These applications in Voice Recognition have improved efficiency, saved time and that translates, at least to the corporations that employ the technology, into quarterly profits and improved shareholder's equity, its all been very well received.

No, it has not been perfect, yes, there are kinks to still work out. There are many different dialects, regional variations of accents, and countless languages, some rather obscure. Indeed, there are shortages of top-notched specialists in the field. But, Voice Recognition is crossing the digital divide and preventing unnecessary political impasse, that means fewer conflicts, fewer wars and a safer world as well. Can one technology really do all that? Yes, the United Nations is also employing these tools for that very important common cause of humanity - peace. Think on it.